Raising Your ELO in LoL

League of Legends or LoL like other games have a kind of ranking system. In LoL’s case, it is called as ELO and the ranks rise from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master to Challenger. That sounds good but raising your ELO in LoL isn’t such an easy thing to do. You have to win games to increase your ELO. Every time you lose a game, your rank goes down so that is frustrating. Don’t worry though as here are some ways for you to increase your ELO. You will find out the Boosteria on this website.

How to raise your ELO

  • Practicing over and over is the key to get better. Know the Champions and what they can do so that you can use them effectively and counter them as well. In fact, some people just use one Champion to raise their ranks because they are good at it.
  • It can also help if you play with other people that you know. This is good when you play with people who you think are good. That means you have a higher chance of winning and raising your rank.
  • Paying for ELO boosting is also good as well. Duo boosting can be useful for players that want to increase their rank. ELOboosters are pretty much abundant online so just choose one that is good for you.

Why increase your ELO

  • Just to be clear, there really isn’t an incentive in game for getting a high ELO. Basically you get a sense of satisfaction and gratification. Plus you get to play against people of the same ELO as you are.
  • While some people don’t care for their ranks, people with higher ELO get a chance to enter the professional scene and that’s a chance for a career and making money.

Raising your ELO is good and there are ways to do it.